Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Carried Away

Here's a link to a story I wrote for about the anti-feminist message of Sex and the City. Although it doesn't treat the subject of fashion or beauty trends per se, it hits those high notes of acrimony that have come to symbolize this blog as well as my love-hate-despise-oh-ok-I'll-watch-it-if-it's-on relationship I have with the SATC franchise.

Enjoy. Or don't. Either way, let me know your thoughts.

Carried away: Relationships [1/2] - Elle Canada : Today

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  1. Well, that was to the point. I suppose one could suggest that they represent the generation to have benefited from the trail blazers who have unfortunately disappeared from the public conscious. They are the benefactors of the all that dirty work and well, the result is hot Sex in an expensive City. The war is declared over and won I suppose. The only other thing to consider is the relationship between the media and the viewer. It's a weird twisted mirror thing, it tells us what we are and we tell it what we want. In the end, I think this show was considered successful, though I never watched it myself. So, that being said, I would have to agree with you.